Program description

Did you ever think of becoming a trainer or gaining skills that could increase your career opportunities? Train the Young Trainer (TTYT) is a seven-day customized master training program that will enable you to discover concepts, competencies, and the craft required to make learning meaningful and effective. It will equip you with the tools, models, and skills needed to make sessions absorbing and effective. Essentially, TTYT is a rigorous learning experience featuring extensive tours and visits with incredible experiential learning opportunities and is a step towards becoming a respected trainer and a better-skilled employer.

As a part of your journey as a TTYTian, you will learn how to identify needs and set objectives for your audience; design content, exercises, processes and sessions; improve your presentation skills to achieve results, overcome resistance and create desired behavior; understand and adapt to different people as well as handle difficult situations.

It will also give you numerous opportunities to start networking with your favorite master trainers and fellow aspiring trainers.


  1. Become a certified trainer
  2. Identify learning needs and set objectives
  3. Design content, exercises, processes and sessions
  4. Overcome resistance and create desired behavior
  5. Understand and adapt to different people
  6. Handle difficult situations
  7. Master communication to achieve results

The Journey Covers:

  1. Trust Building
  2. Understanding people (Visits to Public Places)
  3. Networking Opportunities
  4. Organizational Study (Learning Need Analysis)
  5. Content Development Workshop
  6. Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence
  7. Delivery Methods & Efficacy
  8. Training Styles from Across the Globe
  9. Grand Communication Simulations
  10. Empathy & Connection Building
  11. Surprise Presentations
  12. Visits to Training Firms
  13. Presentation Skill-Shops
  14. Rules of branding
  15. Developing Modules
  16. Handling Difficult Audiences
  17. Designing of Monitoring & Evaluation
  18. Speed Reading Workshop
  19. Personal Branding
  20. Training & Business Development



Karachi & Islamabad 2018

Lahore 2018
April 21, 22, 28 & 29
May 4, 5 & 6


PKR 30,000
Investment includes all sessions, activities, visits, mentoring, experiences, learning material, social events & certification.

For Queries:

Azhar Hamza
+92 333 9589875

Karachi & Lahore:
Bilal Chandna
+92 322 9888883

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