Advisory Council


Khadeeja Khan

Accomplished daydreamer, TV show enthusiast and lover of ideas and good company. Cliched though it may sound, travelling is probably the biggest love of my life. Though constantly reminded to keep my unbridled enthusiasm in check, I am out on a mission to infect the whole world!

Shireen Naqvi

I’m a bit of an idealist. I believe in the power of human beings: their imagination, their resilience, their capacity to make the right choices. For me, the world is full of delicious enchantments: books, movies, music, dance, adventure! Flowers & candles are my two weaknesses.

Abbas Husain

Training is like a platform where participants are committed to explore their voices. My calling is to plant and nurture seeds that will grow and shape tomorrow since a teacher is he who has a powerful faith in the future. I believe in acting as an articulate advocate of the intellectual authority of teachers in the society.

Urooj Mazhar

My affinity for playing around with words, colors and ideas is evident in almost everything I do. Currently dabbling in the world of gift wrapping, I’m addicted to the notion of experimenting with creative concepts. Random trivia: I collect items of jewelry featuring the infinity symbol.