Program description

When students are in their final year they have dreams of a corner office; a brand new car; laptop, and the works. The reality, however, is that there are more takers than jobs. Based on that, after graduation, they have gone to a hundred job interviews to nail one job of their preference. Moreover, even if they do get a job, they must strive hard to keep it. Little advice is available for them to fathom the endeavor involved in getting a job. In our competitive world, HR is looking for a handful of people who are a cut above the rest and a graduate needs to be in this top game. Campus to corporate is a one-day training program designed for people about to step into the real world.

Why Attend Campus 2 Corporate?

This program aims to arm students with practical knowledge of how to identify which career they wish to pursue that matches their aptitude; how to filter through the immense opportunities in the job market to suit their purpose; how to write effective CV’s and application letters and what makes a job interview memorable and inspiring. These skills will give them the confidence to boldly go out in the market to seek their career goals.  At the end of the day, we aim to align the campus mindset with the corporate mindset.


  1. Career Perceptions
  2. Get it right: Resumes vs CVs
  3. Interview Challenge

Where: School of Leadership

When: 15th October 2017

Who: Umair Jaliawala

Investment Fee: PKR 2,500

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