Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge Application

What does the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge provide to Challenge winners?

Winners of the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge will receive 5 grants of $1000 each to enable them to develop the proposed solution. In addition to receiving financial assistance, winners will be mentored to help them develop their innovative ideas into a final product.

Important Dates:

November 16, 2018 – Last date for submitting the proposal

November 30, 2018 – Pre-Boot Camp

December 6 & 7, 2018 – Boot Camp

*Depending on the sighting of the moon

Eligibility Criteria: 

Young people aged 14 to 24 years and who have a new idea or starting to work on a new idea/ project
– Candidates will not be accepted if they have already received funding to develop the idea or if they are already a registered company or community organization.

To qualify for the selection round candidates must commit to attending:

– The pre-bootcamp training session (30th November )
– The bootcamp (6th & 7th December)
– If selected for Pakistan seed funding and mentorship, can commit to implementing their idea, which could last until February / March 2019
– If selected for global seed funding, could commit to ongoing implementation

 We welcome diversity!
– We welcome teams that are gender equal and include diversity of all kinds of identity – gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability

Evaluation Criteria:

Dimension Link with GenU Severity of the Problem Overall quality motivation Applicant Need
Score 3 points Contributes directly to Gen U priorities and there is scope to support the advancement of the project The problem disproportionately affects marginalized or vulnerable groups and there are few/no viable solutions available to people affected The team is Clearly passionate about the problem, the application is complete and written well. The team is well-formed and shows high potential. This person is part of one of the most marginalized communities identified for outreach
If you agree Score 2 Points Contributes directly to Gen U priority area. The problem disproportionately affects marginalized or vulnerable groups and the current solutions are not viable for everyone affected. A problem well stated, feasible in scope. The story is relevant and well connected to the problem and the team. The team shows potential. This person/team is part of a marginalized community program OR they have a personal connection to the program and a clear passion to solve it.
If you agree Score 1 Point Indirect alignment with Gen U priority area. The problem affects one or more marginalized groups. There are at least a few groups (gov/NPO/etc) working on it. A problem is defined and the story is relevant. The application is fully completed. This person / the team is not from a marginalized group
Score 0 Points No connection with Gen U priority area Doesn’t apply to vulnerable populations, or isn’t appropriate No Clear problem. Incomplete application This person is outside our audience (e.g. > 24)