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Does the mere idea of speaking in front of an audience make your heart race? If you are like 75% of the population, it probably does. In fact, research suggests that public speaking is one of the biggest fears after snakes and car accidents! But we are here to change all that.

We are now offering an effective training program, IMPACT, that will squash your fear of speaking in public and turn you into a confident, well-spoken presenter that engages and entertains a crowd.

Get your passport to champ the public speaking world today, and travel the world of opportunities!

A sneak peak into what this passport holds inside:




The program is intensive and has been structured to incorporate powerful tools backed by research in neuroscience of public speaking. Hence, by issuing you this passport, our goal is to:

  • Put you at ease in front of a group and eliminate the concept of “fear” altogether from your mind
  • Show you proven methods to deliver a dynamic presentation
  • Build your confidence as a communicator




PKR 12,000 (10% discount to YLC alumni)

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Bilal Chandna
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