MHM Innovation Challenge Application

What does the MHM Innovation Challenge provide to Challenge winners?

Winners of the MHM Challenge will receive grants to enable them to develop the proposed solution. In addition to receiving financial assistance, winners will be mentored that will help them develop their innovative ideas into a final product. Moreover out of these winners UNICEF can pick any idea that can get its support in order to get sustainable for a longer period of time.

Important Dates:

July 10, 2017 – Last date for submitting the proposal

July 13, 2017 – Results Announced

July 20, 2017 – MH Day Event in Islamabad

Eligibility Criteria:

The competition is open to students, designers, makers, social innovators, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and educators. If you meet the criteria mentioned below, you are eligible to apply.

  1. Become a U-Reporter by sending a free text message “Join” to 8623 from any mobile network in Pakistan.
  2. Between the ages 16 to 30 years.

Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluation Criteria Weight Description
1- Viability Business case

Capacity to Implement



Is the project sustainable beyond the funding? Will the solution be affordable by the end users? The innovation should be financially interesting and economically feasible.

Do you and your team have the expertise and the commitment to deliver the solution?

2- Innovation Innovation 20% Does your idea take a new approach to the problem? Is the innovative idea realistic?
3- Impact Impact 15%


Does the proposed solution address the challenge with impact for women?

Can your idea be adapted and scaled up to help millions of lives?