Team SoL


Hammad Saeed

Chief Executive Officer

I like making sense out of a mess and I’m not just talking about untangling earphones. I like the idea of figuring out patterns and connecting the dots. Challenges drive me. If I could have any superpower, I’d choose super speed (no more traffic jams!).

Maalik Khaskhely

Executive Director

When troubled by existentialist questions, my solution is simple: I find meaning in life when forming lasting connections with people and nature. Making an indelible impact on someone’s life is what truly matters to me. I dream of becoming a successful philanthropist one day.

Umair Jaliawala

Director & Consultant

I’m still searching for a way to pack five lives into one. When not switching roles between my other four lives, I can sometimes be found at gaming night with the boys. In an alternate universe, I’d probably be a cricket commentator. Pet peeve: slow drivers in the fast lane.  

Mariyam Irfan

Head – Education Function

You know those people who are perpetually chirpy & happy and find small reasons to celebrate? I’m one of them. I read, I dance, I enjoy rain and cold weather. I’m fascinated by the folklore surrounding vampires, witchcraft and fairies. Oh, and a little secret: I can be plied with chocolate!

Waqar Ali

Lead Trainer & Consultant

The 9 to 5 crunch is not my cup of tea. I believe in getting results, the timings are secondary! I live to see the beauty in little things: peaceful places, walks on the beach, long drives. I feel that the only way to be happy is the realization that there’s more to life than money and materialistic things.

Sufyan Rizvi

Head - Accounts & Finance

Accountant by day, counter-terrorist by night (and on weekends!). I may not have a secret identity but being part of a Counter Strike clan has its own responsibilities. I don’t like the idea of not being able to express my thoughts and honestly, presentations make me nervous.

Kashif Ansari

Associate Accounts & Finance

My spare time is divided between the gym and the other love of my life: sleep. Although I’m not generally a movie person, Mohabattein is one of my favorites because I’m inspired by the idea of people coming together. If not at my desk, I can be found humming in the office corridors.

Wajiha Mansoori

Associate Database & Admin

I am an open, fun-loving person who is always up for adventure. I am very social so I love to meet new people and make new friends, and draw my strength from others. My firm belief that as individuals we must constantly grow and evolve ensures that I am always ready to try new experiences!

Areeba Zubairi

Head – Communications

My name is Areeba and I’m a shopaholic. There, I said it. I’m the person who believes that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. If I walk into a makeup or clothing store, chances are I won’t come out empty handed. Things my life is incomplete without: selfies, vampires & bbqs.

Noman Rahim

Associate Admin & Procurement

Though my main interest lies in learning more about computers, I wouldn’t say I’m a computer geek, glued to my laptop all day. Playing outdoor sports like cricket and football is just as much fun for me! Things that brighten up my day: surprise visits from the people I love.

Ravi Maheshwari

Associate Admin & Procurement

I believe clothes make the man. You wouldn’t be too far off the mark if you were to call me a shopaholic. One day, I want to take a bike tour of Pakistan and then the world! I once fought off a herd of deer in Balochistan (ok, that might be the slightly exaggerated version of the story!).

Niamat Khan

Associate Admin & Finance

When I’m not at the office, my life is a balancing act between being a teacher and a student. I am constantly on a journey to learn more. Learn more about what? It can be anything, really! I just like the idea of gathering as much knowledge as I possibly can about anything under the sun.

Azhar Hamza

Head - Central Region (Punjab)

I like to add a little bit of everything to my scope of work and that keeps me super motivated. When it comes to completing tasks, I am always on top on my game. Little do they know the minor panic attacks I get in between. But by the end of all the chaos, you will find me relaxing at a corner with a book in my hand.