Program description

Our youth is faced with a challenging and competitive environment. They need to be geared up to confront the tough realities of life with wisdom and confidence. X-Venture prepares them for this.

X-Venture is a 6-day and 5-night travel, adventure and leadership experience designed to encourage you to break out of your shell, face your fears and unleash your resilience. It enables participants to utilize their leadership potential, all with the surroundings of nature.

Camping and surviving in wilderness is an important component of this program. Participants, aged between the years 18 to 30 learn to be self-reliant and are also exposed to the basics of teamwork, goal-setting, planning, decision making and getting connected with nature through activities like hiking, zip-lining, river rafting, trekking, and bonfire.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain or embarking on a new business venture, the awareness and skills developed in this stretching program are invaluable to achieve continuing success in all spheres of life.

Program Highlights 

Experience Pakistan, the land of opportunities with stunning and serene natural surroundings that features mountains, waterfalls, and rivers

Engage in broad range of activities, from taking river-rafting, hiking, trekking, zip lining and much more

Meet a group of diverse-like minded people from all across Pakistan and enjoy a fantastic time with them throughout the 6-day journey

Spend time appreciating nature, enjoying long days and short nights near the serene view of Naran, Kaghan & Dudipatsar Lake and others

Do something special and out of the ordinary that will completely influence your future and whole life!


  • Perform under pressure
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Connect with others & nature
  • Learn mood management
  • Boost your confidence, feel more independent and learn some invaluable new skills
  • Getting yourself in tough situations to learn and enhance extreme survival skills
  • Discover Pakistan

September 2 – 7, 2019

Naran Kaghan and Dudipatsar Lake

PKR 35,000
The investment includes sessions, mentoring, activities, adventure, travel from Islamabad, all meals, refreshments, accommodation, visits, social events, and certification

For Queries Contact: 
Bilal Chandna
Mob: +92 322 9888883
UAN: 021 111 000 765

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