School of Leadership philosophy


School of Leadership believes in you. We believe in your power to live an enlightened life, to be a source of positive change and to leave a legacy. You only get to live once (something those rap songs won’t let you forget!) and you have one chance to make your life about choices, not complaints; about developing, not stagnating; about fulfillment; not disappointment; about giving, not just taking. Why does your contribution matter? Because you are born different. Period.


Happening Now

19th Young Leaders Conference

This year’s theme for 19th Young Leaders Conference ‘Breakthrough’ is symbolized through the mythological bird “The Phoenix”, which draws its power from the sun, when nearing the end of its life, it sets itself to flames and from its ashes a new bird comes to life. The phoenix symbolizes that suffering is inevitable since to rise, a phoenix must burn, it depicts resilience, strength, rebirth, hope, a fresh start, purity and freedom.

Impact – Speak with No Fear

Impact, a 4-day public speaking workshop offered by the School of Leadership, that imparts key skills coupled with attitudinal training and practice allowing participants to overcome their fear and become effective and confident public speakers. The program is intensive and has been structured to get your message across confidently and effectively.

Beyond Beauty

Beyond Beauty – Celebrating Women of Today is a one day conference where women from across Pakistan will come together to celebrate their being, their success and the immense contribution they have made in society by learning from the top women influential and thought leaders in the fields of arts, culture, politics and business.

Tameer Se Takmeel

School of Leadership partners with Shell Tameer to conceive an enterprise development programme, Tameer Se Takmeel. The programme aims to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey and transform your startup into a sustainable business. The programme will enable you expedite your business growth through a 3-day boot camp, followed by a 3-week business challenge where you will get an opportunity to meet industry experts, mentors, trainers, faculty members to help you perfect your business pitch and attract real investors at the final pitching round of the programme.


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