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7 reasons why you should be a part of YOLO

7 reasons why you should be a part of YOLO

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rimza - February 11, 2016

me and my friends want to meet umair jalaiwala
,we need a career councelling
he give motivational speeches which we really need ,
I want to do something for my country and wanted to play my role

Adeel Afzal - December 11, 2017

me and my sister want to join this YOLO please tell us how to join this

Kalim shahid - March 12, 2018

I am inspired to your great work. Indeed you to be congrats .I want to join my son who is exactly 12 years old and studying in seventh class.My son little a bit shy and less speaking power so I want to see my son full of confidence and full of successful person.In this way what should I do ? Please help me in this matter .I am waiting your earliest reply thanks.kalim

muesazom - October 25, 2018

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