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Arsal Fahim

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Arsal Fahim


A seasoned straight-shooter, I rely on an approach centered on reasoning and rationality in my trainings to counter cognitive barriers to personal development. My trainings combine the tangibility and measurability of skill enhancement with a deeply intellectual component that rests on recognition of the self. For the audience, I unveil key to paradoxes in my signature trainings on Financial Analysis. My core interest lies in learning & development of individuals in particular.


I am a certified trainer at School of Leadership and a facilitator at the British Council. My focus lies on skill-based training stem from my belief that similar to a gun, motivational training needs the bullets of skills to function; without the skills, the pro-verbal gun of motivation ends up shooting blanks! I have worked with academia students and teachers on several soft skills. Also, I have contributed in communities through the channels of UNICEF’s U-Report and British Council’s DOSTI program from the platforms of School of Leadership (SoL) along with training the youth on various projects. I have also been associated with Pakistan’s largest Youth Conference, the Young Leaders Conference (YLC) since the past 4 years.


  • Experiential Learning
  • Story-telling
  • Self-Awareness

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