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A behind-the-scenes look into our world!

life-at-sol (Medium)

Life at SoL

At SoL, we don’t just work hard, we know how to have fun too. We’re a pretty diverse bunch of people and each day is characterized by learning something new. It’s a family like no other, our home away from home. We may not always get along or be each other’s soulmates but we’re pretty content with being SoLmates 😉

choose-your-own-space (Medium)

Choose your own space

Ours is the complete opposite of a traditional office environment. The office space is designed to stimulate the best thinking (we love our colorful walls!). You’ll find people lounging on beanbags or sitting cross legged on our couches. We believe that each person has his/her own unique way of getting work done so if you need to take a power nap, we’ve even got a bunk bed for you to sleep on!

making-life-interesting (Medium)

Making Life Interesting

When things get a bit too much, you can take a break and watch some TV in our awesome chill room (that’s how we fondly refer to it). Twice a year, we plan incredible team retreats for a full company sync. We don’t just talk about work, we come back refreshed, re-energized and more motivated than ever! Also, did we mention the free lunches? We’re all addicted to our delicious, office-cooked food made right here in our very own kitchen.

Are you passionate, enthusiastic and energetic? Then come work with us!

We’re great people to work with, and we’re looking to expand our team.If you believe in the SoL dream, then email your CV to careers@sol.edu.pk and grow with us!

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