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Education is a domain that is subject to constant scrutiny and debate in Pakistan. Although many have a lot to say on the subject, very few come forward and attempt to alter the status quo. We believe that there is much that can be done to improve the schooling experience in Pakistan and the way we see it, it all starts with the teacher. A teacher has the power to touch eternity through the impact he/she makes upon a child. We stepped up and started working with the academia. We initiated partnerships, organized workshops and trainings and orchestrated one of Pakistan’s first education conferences. But it doesn’t end here. Like everything else we do, we’re constantly re-evaluating what ELSE can be done which means we’ve got lots more in the works. Our aspiration is to strengthen and empower the stakeholders, to create opportunities for them to achieve more, to improve the way things currently function so the education system can get the upgrade and makeover it so desperately needs.

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