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Mera Passion Pakistan

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Amidst the constant flurry of bad news, stories of violence and repeated failure of the administration, Pakistan struggles on multiple fronts despite being a land of opportunities. One of these challenges is the negative image of the country which keeps strengthening with each passing day, depriving Pakistanis of any faith in the land, adding to their frustration and diminishing their desire to contribute as active citizens.

Mera Passion Pakistan (MPP) is conceived to highlight success stories of citizens belonging to humble backgrounds – stories of their courage, integrity, innovation & resolution.

People think we clip our children’s wings and don’t let them soar high. These people do not know the story of a visionary man from KPK, who despite being a motor mechanic, has built a plane! People say Pakistan has no facilities for the disabled but little do they know that there are many hidden stories of courage and resilience spread throughout Pakistan where people have overcome their disabilities and have become great achievers.

Our exceedingly patriotic and highly passionate team has already traveled through Pakistan once to capture as many inspirational stories as they could. But the process does not end here, for the big dreamers that we are; we aim to reach out to each and every Pakistani whose story deserves to be shared. For this, we will need support of our people, to help us identify and showcase every unsung hero and to give a platform to every deserving individual.

Although comprising of a small team right now, MPP ultimately aspires to become a platform where all the well-wishers of the country come together and become harbingers of hope, optimism and change. We staunchly believe that at the end of the day, Pakistan’s gain is our gain.

Passionate about Pakistan? Have some idea that could contribute positively? We are open to all kind of suggestions that would benefit Pakistan. Write to us talktompp@sol.edu.pk

Know a Pakistani whose story deserves to be shared? Tell us about it!

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