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Program description

Your children’s world can be enriched beyond what they are exposed to at home and school. Augmentation begins as early as 5 years, yet often parents struggle with how to stimulate the over-active minds of their young children.

PLUS is a holistic life-training experience encompassing character-development, relationship-building and civic sense. Recognizing their individual growth needs and practicing how to work collaboratively in groups, our program encourages children to discover their inherent strengths and advance them.

Why Plus?

For ages 7 and 8, we have 15 children per batch who attend a 1-hour tutorial every week for a semester, i.e. 3-months; then graduate to the next level. For a change, children manage their own weekly progress, instead of being assessed by others. They set their standards and challenge them to stretch and further plough their potential. Program facilitators present a performance record at semester end.

Interventions follow the 50:30:20 rule, where 50% is in-class experiential and reflective learning; 30% PQ (Practical Quotient) hands-on activities and 20% field trips. This method provides well-rounded exposure to children’s multiple intelligences fostering their natural inclination to discover, decide and do. ‘Discovery’ enhances creative, analytical and critical skills; ‘decision making’ furthers self-evaluation and mindfulness and ‘doing’ builds confidence and self-esteem through the sense of achievement.

Facilitated by a Guide, parents can spend this hour as a support group. Often it is therapeutic to express our concerns and be heard; learn from other parents how they manage while they learn from your successes. Parents are expected to volunteer to chaperon at field trips and manage intra-batch communication.

Backed by the School of Leadership’s expansive and affluent competence in developing youth leadership (ages 13 to 17 and 18 to 24) since 2002; we reach out to parents to invest in their children as early as year 7 and 8. Our newer generations are ready and ripe to take-in more than we think or are able to provide. Our mutual goal for their happier childhood and shared involvement will make these precious years more significant.

Venue: School of Leadership. For directions click here.

January 2020

Per Month: PKR 5,000
For 3-months in advance: PKR 14,000

For queries contact: 
Bilal Chandna
+92 322 9888883

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